New: Filmed Classes for the course “The Adventures of Lady Wisdom”

With Halyna Teslyuk of Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine, I am developing a course on the  Jewish and Christian reception history of  personified  Wisdom as presented in  the biblical book Proverbs. The course focuses on texts and images, among which Orthodox icons. Halyna and I are currently teaching the course simultaneously at UCU and PThU in Amsterdam as a hybrid course. Here are the links to some of the video’s produced by  filmmaker Rob Nelisse of Imageworkplace  and myself.

  1. Rabbinic Wisdom Part 1 (Teugels)
  2. Rabbinic Wisdom Part 2: (Teugels)
  3. Rabbinic Wisdom Part 3 (Teugels)
  4. Rabbinic Wisdom Part 4 (Teugels)
  5. Rabbinic Wisdom Part 5 (Teugels)
  6. Icons: Novogrod type Sophia (Teugels & Van Es)
  7. Icons: Kyiv type Sophia (Teugels & Van Es)
  8. Icons: David Chichua Paints a Sophia Icon (Teugels& Chichua)
  9. Sophia in Protestant Mysticism (Kick Bras)
  10. Sophia in Thomas Merton (Kick Bras)