Two new publications

Lieve M. Teugels.

“From the Lion to the Snake, from the Wolf to the Bear. Rescue and Punishment in Classical Fables and Rabbinic Meshalim”, in Overcoming Dichotomies: Parables, Fables, and Similes in the Graeco-Roman World, ed. J. Pater, A. Oegema, M. Stoutjesdijk (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2022), 217-236. Find here a prepublication version.

. “Keepers of the Vineyard and the Fence around the Torah: The Vineyard Metaphor in Rabbinic Literature,” JSJ 53/2 (2022) 377-404. doi:10.1163/15700631-bja10045. Find here a pre-publication version.