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Rebekka_Tenachon__42_Jun19_Binnen_02PROOF [“Een mondige matriarch”, in Tenachon 42/19 (2019) 6-15]

[“De vuurdoop. De roeping van Abraham in de rabbijnse traditie”, in Schrift 52 (2019) 39-46.]

  • The Meshalim in the Mekhiltot. An Annotated Edition and Translation of the Parables in Mekhilta de Rabbi Yishmael and Mekhilta de Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. With the assistance of Esther van Eenennaam.  Mohr Siebeck, 2019. XIV, 477 pages. (TSAJ 176).

See the review by Guenter Stemberger: StembergerReview _JSJ_2020_The Meshalim in the Mekhiltot





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