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My name is Lieve Teugels, I am a Jewish Studies scholar and lecturer. My specialization is rabbinic midrash – the commentaries and interpretations of the ancient rabbis on the Hebrew Bible.

I work at the Protestant Theological University Amsterdam (PThU), in the Netherlands as lecturer in Jewish Studies and Semitics.

Upon taking this new position, I was interviewed by ‘Kerk en Israel Onderweg’ – the interview is in Dutch. The pictures – by Rick Keus – are accesible by everyone.lieve-teugels-kerk-israel-onderweg-mrt-2017


I am also involved in a NWO research project on parables (meshalim) at  Utrecht University. For this project I am mostly engaged with early, tannaitic midrash.

Another line of my research deals with late midrash.  I have published an annotated English Translation of Aggadat Bereshit, as well as several other studies on this lesser-known medieval midrash. See this entry in the Encyclopaedia on the Bible and its Reception on Aggadat Bereshit.

Many of my published studies are found on academia.edu. Here’s a list of my publications.


Behalve mijn academisch werk, dat meestal in het Engels is, schrijf ik ook graag voor een breder publiek, in het Nederlands. Een voorbeeld is mijn bijdrage aan de Brede Hagada (op p. 8). Ik heb over de Brede Hagada ook een uitgebreide recensie geschreven in het Nederland Theologisch Tijdschrift 69/1, 2015, 57–66.


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