A blog about a parable, and about Pesach

This spring I taught an elective course on rabbinic parables to our MA students. Part of the assignments was to write a blog about one parable of choice. A selection of these student blogs are currently being published at the PThU Bible blog site. This was the first: https://www.pthu.nl/Bijbelblog/!/33619/hoe-god-ons-draagt

At the occasion of Passover,  I co-authored a blog with a student, based on the parable he studied for his course-paper: https://www.pthu.nl/Bijbelblog/!/34695/een-parabel-voor-pesach

In this blog, we discuss this parable, published in my book The Meshalim in the Mekhiltot, p. 152-158, about a pigeon who hides in a cleft of the rock. ch 11 extract.

The parable, which comes to explain the Exodus story, is full of allusions to the Song of Songs, which is read on Passover. Song of Songs is sometimes explained as a midrash, or even a parable, to the book of Exodus.

Photo by: Rob Nelisse, Imageworkplace.com: Pigeons at the Betesda pool site in Jerusalem